Here you can download all the material that you need for working in class ;)
The first thing you have to do always is typing the text without any format in a new word document named as the practice title. Don't forget to write your name and DON'T COPY AND PASTE FROM THE PDF.

You have to write the formula and select the cells that you want to sum.

You have to change the format of the numbers inside the cells.

You have to write the dates in different ways and make a little calculation with your date of birth.

These are some mathematical formulas (sum, subtraction...).

These formulas are a bit more complex. Look at the examples at left and write the formulas at right.

We have to make this exercise in Spanish because the program is in Spaish :(
You'll see that by writing only the first one or a couple of elements in a series and dragging, you can follow the whole series.