Here you can download all the material that you need for working in class ;)
The first thing you have to do always is typing the text without any format in a new spreadsheet named as the practice title. Don't forget to write your name and DON'T COPY AND PASTE FROM THE PDF.

Nested IF function

In this case you have the file in excel and in PDF. First of all, give the spreadsheet the same format as in the PDF. After that, you will use the nested IF function to make calculations.

This task is about ordering data. You have a spreadsheet with data and you have to order it following various criteria:
1. Ascending order of all the categories.
2. Descending order of age.
3. Ascending order of shoe size and ascending order of age.
4. Ascending order of hometown and descending order of name.

First, copy the data, then, calculate the totals. Finally, make the graphics: bar chart and pie chart.
Budget 1

Here you'll have to use percentages, the $ symbol, sum and multiplication.
Budget 2

Here you'll have to use percentages, sum and multiplication.