In the second part of this term, we are going to work with PowerPoint to create a presentation, with these features:
- Topic: materials (preferably plastics, as these are the materials you are going to study this year). You can take the information from the Internet or from your Technology book.
- 10 slides minimum (including title, index, etc.). Remember that a proper presentation has many information, pictures, etc.
- Have a link and a video. You have some videos in this wiki (here) and they can be downloaded from YouTube by using the website ClipConverter. You have also three videos in the folder REPOSITORIO AULA in case the download is too slow.
- It has to be written in English and finished before Easter break (vacaciones de Semana Santa), although the mark will be taken into account for the third term. If we have enough time, you might perform an oral presentation in front of the class.